Sustainable fashion 

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Production in Sweden 

This means that we minimize the impact on nature and the environment while probably delivering the world's best clothes. Our production in Sweden also results in lower carbon dioxide emissions and less air pollution, as transport becomes shorter or avoided entirely. At the same time, we guarantee ethical / profitable working conditions & environments through our Swedish production, which also increases welfare in Sweden.   

The material

We use for the clothes are of organic cultivated cotton with GOTS certificate. The fabric is very soft and comfortable while the fabric of the fabric has minimal water use and no chemical pesticides. 

In the fabric factory, health, working conditions, quality and strict controls are prioritized regularly before unregulated mass production. 

Probably the world's best clothes

Durable - Organic - Long-lasting quality - Ethical - Tailor made

Customer References

This sweater breathes quality throughout. The material is absolutely wonderful. Feels like a craft right through


Creative and sustainable. A really nice sweater, and also with self-selected motif.


Annie Lööf


With a product idea that I have not seen anywhere else, high quality clothing and a thinking that benefits both man and nature is something that permeates the whole company.




Organic T-shirts

Made in Sweden

Our shirts are manufactured sustainably in Sweden with Swedish working conditions and the environment.  

Organic fabric

The fabric we use on our shirts is organic cotton with gots certification.  


The shirts are sewn to order for a custom fit. 

Swedish quality

High Swedish standard on all our products. 

Delivery 3-7 days - Free return in case of mistake - Secure payment with Swish / Card

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